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One of Molly’s many talents is her ability to create trust among a wide variety of people with different backgrounds & working styles. Molly’s deep investment in getting to know CJA combined with her keen intelligence, warmth & insight has led directly to a number of important institutional breakthroughs. In addition to her excellent skills as an organizational consultant, she is also an incredibly effective 1:1 coach - a  rare combination, as most people excel in only one of those areas (if at all). I have personally benefitted from Molly’s executive coaching, and know many other people at CJA who have worked with her to make progress on important professional and personal goals. I can’t recommend Molly highly enough.

Aubrey Fox, 
Executive Director, CJA

in very little time and very few words, and as a result, each moment I spend with her deepens my practice, illuminates new truths, and equips me with the tools to move forward with greater confidence, clarity, and purpose


Working with Molly has been an extraordinary professional & personal experience.

Molly has an extraordinary capacity to get to the heart of the matter

She is a master at helping you get to the root of what holds you back from being your best self while helping you see and acknowledge your gifts and talents. She takes nothing for granted and holds you accountable to yourself.

Director of People & Culture

and has helped me more deeply understand my own strengths, barriers, gifts, hurdles, and beautiful idiosyncrasies. Molly is empathetic, knowing and present, and I trust her to hold me in my vulnerability and call me on my bullshit. It's clear that Molly has also stepped into the transformational work of holding a mirror up to herself and not looking away, and it's this shared experience that makes working with her so honest, real, and different from other coaches and facilitators.

elaine roghanian,
facilitator, Trainer, consultant

Coaching with Molly is an experience in rediscovering your true self

Working with Molly has changed my life

I'm really thankful that AKRF teamed up with Collectively to create what I thought would be an uncomfortable, borderline useless self-help seminar but was actually a leadership program that I immediately found nurturing, informational, and extremely useful.

matt carmody, 
vp, environmental consulting firm

I felt so comfortable expressing myself as well as my struggles with my directors. It also opened up a line of communication I did not know could exist with those I report to on a daily basis. The program created an opportunity for our team to bond in a way that we really needed.

tajarrah taylor,
non profit manager

The program Molly offered allowed us all to be transparent and visible.

Learning some of these tools has changed my life.

She carefully and thoughtfully helps you to probe and push your level of awareness about yourself, and the things that you need the most to get to where you want to be. Molly goes above and beyond to provide resources to guide you, and if you are willing to do the work, then your potential can be completely maximized.

joann de jesus,
non profit executive

and provides an interactive, thoughtful experience. Her workshops enable managers to look at personal and professional strengths and challenges and provide content to build a more successful work environment.


Molly brings extensive knowledge to her programs and trainings

Molly is completely invested in helping one grow to their fullest potential.

I would highly recommend Molly. If there are any areas of your life in which you feel stuck or plateaued, Molly can help. She met me exactly where I was at and helped me see my issues differently so that I could resolve them. Molly also taught me new skills I can apply to the other issues in my life.

david lowry, 
project director

The breakthroughs I had while working with Molly are priceless.

Molly opens doors to levels of awareness and understanding of self that I never knew existed. She has a brilliant ability in a matter of seconds to unlock key patterns and truths. Her flexible and adaptive style has allowed me to much better understand my relationship to my work and orientation towards my life’s purpose. Additionally, Molly’s commitment to justice and anti-racism is ever-present and deeply woven into our sessions. As a white woman working on anti-racism as part of my day-to-day work and living and breathing these questions, having a coach who also embodies that has been truly essential.

Natalie Narotzky,
Program director, usdn

Working with Molly has been a gift.

I find most ‘leadership development’ work to be not much more than navel gazing, but Molly is the real deal -- she asks you the hard questions and then helps you build the skills to answer them. Her combination of empathy, rigor, and anti-racist grounding has helped me grow as a leader and as a person.

Sean Sullivan,
General Counsel

Working with Molly has been a revelation.

Fatoumata Gundo, ESQ. Attorney

Molly challenged and inspired me to ask myself difficult questions and radically change the way I think about self-worth and self-love. She equipped me with the tools to navigate a challenging year and phase in my life. We mapped out my life goals, reassessed my life purpose and worked on formulating a professional timeline that aligned with my vision, values and passion. I explored new self-care tools, how I can and want to exercise my power and how to renew my relationship to rest as part of my own liberation. As a Black-Muslim-Women who is first-generation, Molly and I navigate the world very differently. However, because of her compassion, knowledge and commitment to justice, our differences were never a point of tension during our sessions. She always listened and I always felt understood. I would define my coaching relationship with Molly as a relationship of: love, collective growth, compassion, challenge, inspiration, vulnerability and trust. 

Coaching with Molly was invaluable. 

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