Organizational Consulting

Through strategic planning, meeting facilitation, restructuring, organizational assessments, retreats & offsites we get in the trenches with you to help you navigate your biggest adaptive questions:

Where do we begin?

How can we get the team aligned?

What trade offs are we willing to make?

What are we driving towards and how do we get there?

Who needs to be brought along in the process?

What risks are we willing to take?

What is the right lever for change right now?

How it works

Map the landscape

vision what's possible

choose a path forward

release what is no longer working

organizational transformation
leadership development

Utilizing interviews, focus groups and surveys, we make sure that we’re solving the right problems, that there’s clarity about the root cause of the problems and that you are getting a chance to see problems from diverse perspectives.

Whether you’re working on a strategic plan, restructuring, managing a transition or launching a new initiative, we design and facilitate processes to engage your radical creativity and support you in seeing what’s possible. 

We help you engage in decision-making when the time is right and ensure that you arrive at informed, clear decisions that align with your goals and values.

Letting go of the old to make space for the new is often the hardest part of the change process. We stand with you in unlearning and relearning through Advising, Leadership Development, and Coaching.


Want to step back from the day-to-day to dig in?

we offer retreats & offsites

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One of Molly’s many talents is her ability to create trust among a wide variety of people with different backgrounds and working styles. Molly’s deep investment in getting to know CJA combined with her keen intelligence, warmth and insight has led directly to a number of important institutional breakthroughs. In addition to her excellent skills as an organizational consultant, she is also an incredibly effective one-on-one coach. That’s a rare combination of attributes, as most people excel in only one of those areas (if at all). I have personally benefitted from Molly’s executive coaching, and know many other people at CJA who have used their time with her to make progress on important professional and personal goals. I can’t recommend Molly highly enough.

- aubrey fox
Executive Director, CJA

Working with Molly has been an extraordinary professional & personal experience.


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