Leadership & Manager Development

Are you committed to helping your team build stronger relationships?

Do you want to create an intentional, collaborative & inclusive culture?

Do you want your people to develop shared language that supports creativity, innovation and efficiency?

Utilizing a holistic, experiential and actionable approach to leadership development, we offer workshops, retreats, customized leadership development programs, and inventories and assessments to create long term impact.

retreats & offsites
inventories & 360 reviews

Some of our most popular workshops include:

• Leading in Times of Uncertainty
• Adaptive Leadership
• Inviting Insights - A pathway to feedback
• Cultivating Inclusion & Belonging
• Active Allyship


A workshop is a powerful way to start a conversation and upskill your team with practical and immediately applicable tools and frameworks.

• The Art & Practice of Decision-making
• Polarities Leadership
• Interpersonal Leadership Styles
• Somatic Awareness & Embodied Leadership
• Personal Ecology - Self & Community care


We create and run customized leadership development programs that combine experiential workshops, facilitated dialogue, and transformational coaching to provide an integrated, human-centered, results oriented approach to developing leaders.

we will create a container for learning, growth, provocation and fun that will help you make immense progress in a short time.

Retreats & Offsites

There are times when stepping away from the day to day is the best way to make progress. Whether your focus is team building, solving a sticky challenge, sensemaking or bringing together a new group of people, 

Inventories & 360 Reviews

Utilizing leadership inventories like Interpersonal Leadership Styles, The Leadership Circle, StrengthsFinder and custom designed 360 reviews, 

we create the space and structure for you to develop shared language and invite powerful insights to support the growth and development of your team.

I'm really thankful that we teamed up with Collectively to create what I thought would be an uncomfortable, borderline useless self-help seminar but was actually a leadership program that I immediately found nurturing, informational, and extremely useful.

matt carmody
vp environmental consulting firm

Learning some of these tools has changed my life.

tajarrah taylor
non profit manager

The program Molly offered allowed us all to be transparent and visible.

I felt so comfortable expressing myself as well as my struggles with my directors. It also opened up a line of communication I did not know could exist with those I report to on a daily basis. The program created an opportunity for our team to bond in a way that we really needed.


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