Coaching is a space of deep discovery and growth

where you work in partnership to identify the stuck points in your life, work and leadership, and navigate the big and small questions you're wrestling with. 

• Find new ways to lead, collaborate and innovate

• Foster more authentic connections with your people

• Apply proven leadership tools and frameworks

• Gain clarity on your most pressing challenges

• Develop your capacity to replace urgency with  aligned, present action

Through coaching, you will

Our coaching approach is rooted in

deep connection & partnership

authentic & bold inquiry

leadership & management best practises

somatic awareness & embodied action

equity, inclusion & justice

experimentation, action & accountability

organizational CONSULTING
leadership & MANAGER development

Coaching with Molly is an experience in rediscovering your true self.

- Crystal cotton

Coaching with Molly is an experience in rediscovering your true self. She is a master at helping you get to the root of what holds you back from being your best self while helping you see and acknowledge your gifts and talents. She takes nothing for granted and holds you accountable to yourself.

Coaching FAQ

How is leadership/executive coaching different from other coaching?

Leadership/executive coaching combines a traditional coaching approach with proven leadership tools. If you’re stuck on a big decision, we’ll coach you through it by helping you access your own best thinking AND we’ll provide the right framework to help you think about the challenge differently.

What if I’m not a leader or an executive, can I still work with you?

Yes! Leadership is not dictated by authority or positionality. If you are running your household, you’re leading. If you’re building the next big idea in the tech world you’re leading. If you’re figuring out how you want to return to the workforce after parental leave, you’re leading.

How long are engagements?

Coaching engagements typically begin with a 6 month commitment and often extend longer. 

Is it confidential?

Yes! Everything that happens in the coaching relationship is 100% confidential - even when your organization is paying!

What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?

Let’s break this down:

Core questions: how do I understand how I came to be the person I am/do the things I do? How can I heal from experiences/traumas of my past? How can I integrate my past to better understand my present?⁣

Coaching is rooted in looking ahead and claiming and designing the future that you want without the barriers of what you've been conditioned to think is possible.

Core questions: What do I want? If anything was possible, what would I do? Who would I be? How can I lead with clarity and confidence? What is my authentic voice and how can I share it? How can I live my values more authentically?

Therapy is rooted in looking back & healing. ⁣

What’s the difference between coaching and training?

Training/workshops are the places to learn new skills - they’re the home of the “aha moment.”

Coaching is where theory meets practice, where we take the ahas and apply them in real time - where we integrate new learning and change habits for the long term.

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