We all share this space together. It's on each of us to grow and care for our little corners of the world--our families, homes, organizations, teams and communities. It's on each of us to raise each other with kindness, humility, curiosity and empathy. It's on each of us to hold ourselves & our people accountable to the mistakes we make, to the harm we cause, to the joy we generate, to the possibilities we hold.

as a group; as a whole.

Our Values

we are driven by four core beliefs:

We believe that change is constant and that leading change is a skill that is developed and honed through self-exploration, co-creation, experimentation, and accountability.

We believe that change processes are most successful and impactful when grounded in purpose and mindful clarity.

We believe in principled struggle - that through acknowledging and working through conflict and difference, we arrive at better outcomes.

We believe in the transformational power of community - that our collective wisdom is unparalleled, and that mutual accountability is imperative.

We work with leaders, both seasoned and emerging, from many different fields who come to Collectively with a desire to increase their capacity to collaborate across differences, build culture and community, and make progress on critical challenges. 


Working from these core beliefs, we help individuals, teams, organizations and movements hone their visions for change and learn how to exercise leadership more strategically and with greater impact. 

Working from these core beliefs, we help individuals, teams, organizations and movements hone their visions for change and learn how to exercise leadership more strategically and with greater impact. 

The Me, You, We Model ™

ME: How do I understand myself, what drives me, what works for me, what challenges me?

YOU: How do I learn about others, and reckon with the reality that not everyone thinks and operates like me?

WE: How do I manage the ecosystem(s) in which I am embedded?

Our people development theory of change

We don’t stand on the sidelines and tell you what to do. We get in the trenches with you, help you access your own best thinking, and share best practices, strategies and insights.

A partnership perspective

We support you from start to finish - from assessment, to visioning, to implementation, to integration, to ensure that you receive seamless support from a partner who speaks your language and has relationships with your people.

A holistic approach

We’ve been there. We’ve got you. We utilize responsive, straightforward frameworks to get you where you want to go. No jargon, no nonsense, no fluff.

Proven processes

Collectively creates impact through:

Molly thrives at the intersection of inevitable complexity. She has spent the last 15 years serving across industries as a leader, facilitator, consultant, coach, convener and strategist with the goal of helping people, teams and movements own their stories, build intentional community, center humanity, and tackle their most pressing challenges.

Molly brings expertise in Adaptive Leadership, complex team management, human behavior, somatics, systems theory, change management and design thinking to her work. Molly has had the privilege of supporting dozens of cross sector organizations including New York University, Wellspring Philanthropic Fund, The New York Community Trust, The New York City Mayor’s Office, Google, Vimeo, Sephora, Brooklyn Public Library, and The New York City Criminal Justice Agency.

Prior to founding Collectively, Molly served as a non profit executive, and most recently as the Head of People and Operations at a fast growing startup. Molly holds a Masters in Social Work and a B.A. in English and Creative Writing. She finds balance in life with vegetarian cooking, works of fiction, restorative yoga and lots of time in nature.

Meet our Team

Sarah’s approach to coaching is informed by her educational background in social work and work experience as a leader and facilitator with grassroots organizations. Her practice is grounded in curiosity and exploration as critical tools towards both self and systems transformation. She encourages vulnerability, risk-taking, and patience, and is gifted at building deeply empathic relationships. Sarah's experience coaching has largely been with traditional power holders situated across the food system, in addition to a diverse representation of leaders working at the intersections of social, racial, and economic justice. She is committed to identifying strategies that center healing, mitigate harm, and promote collective accountability rooted in impact.

Nitika Raj is a queer South Asian immigrant, spiritual seeker, and lifelong learner. She is founder and principal at Moksh Consulting whose vision is to shift collective consciousness towards greater peace, connection and joy. Nitika’s work is infused with the values of courage, compassion, resilience, authenticity, dignity and joy. She loves co-creating spaces with her clients to unfurl their essential wholeness, purpose and bliss, while navigating challenges with grace. She brings an equity lens to everything, everyone, everywhere.

Nitika holds a Masters degree in Social Work and is an ICF Certified Professional Coach. Her background is in anti-violence movements using arts-based organizing for change, and ending the gendered racial wealth divide. Born in India and raised in Kuwait, Atlanta, and Seattle, she now lives on Lenape lands in Brooklyn, New York City. In her free time Nitika loves to immerse in science fiction and fantasy, music, healing waters, divinity, and beloved community. 

Jose Dominguiz’s approach to coaching is based on appreciative inquiry, emotional intelligence, personal choice, and commitment to action. Jose has a background as a nonprofit executive and Board member, and has led DEI initiatives as both a leader and a facilitator. He has coached leaders in the non-profit and for-profit, as well as in the Education, Social Justice, Real Estate and Tech Sectors. He believes in using questioning, reflection, support and challenge to help create a new understanding of the situation, and exploring the opportunities, aspects and dynamics in the situation to decide on the right course of action.  

Jordan’s coaching begins with the belief that we as individuals are creative, powerful, and adaptive; and once someone has harnessed that awareness, anything is possible. Each session with Jordan is co-created between him and the client to ensure it is meeting the client where they are in the here and now. Focus for sessions can range from the incredibly tactical, working to solve day-to-day problems at work or at home or both, to the deeper & more abstract, discovering passions and pursuing fulfillment. Jordan has spent his career growing and developing leaders to drive change by bringing their most authentic selves forward. Working across industries including tech, education, and nonprofits, Jordan's sweet spot is coaching others to meet their full potential while achieving ambitious goals, both personally & professionally. 

Jordan holds a bachelor's degree in psychology, as well as two master's degrees in education and systems leadership, respectively.

Molly Rodau (she/her)
Founder & CEO 

Stephanie supports the management of multiple client and strategic projects. Prior to joining Collectively, Stephanie developed a wide range of knowledge of all areas of HR, including organizational planning and strategy, talent acquisition and development, employee relations, and day-to-day operations. Stephanie previously worked at NYU and Stevens Institute of Technology, as well as at a number of companies outside of academia, and she holds a Masters in Labor Relations and a B.A. in Labor Studies and Sociology from Rutgers. In her free time, you can find Stephanie running with friends, plotting her next beach vacation, spending way too much money on audiobooks and exploring local parks with her family. 

Allison Kenny received her coaching certification through Leadership that Works, Coaching for Transformation in 2020. After 15 years of experience as a Co-Founder + Creative Director of an award-winning B-Corp, she became a coach to stand with folx ready to deepen their impact. She's coached corporate and non-profit leaders through her work at Be the Change Consulting and Hella Social Impact. When Allison's not coaching, she's creating antiracist theater with her wife of 20 years and building forts with her neurodivergent daughter along the Rio Grande.

Sarah Perlmeter (she/her)

Jordan Huller (he/him)

Jose Dominguez (he/him)

Stephanie Trombino (she/her)
Project Manager

Nitika Raj (she/they)

Allison Kenny (she/her)

Christine Wang (she/her)

Christine Wang is a coach, consultant, and facilitator who is fiercely committed to creating a more just and equitable world. She is a first-generation Chinese-American woman who was raised in Texas, found herself in NYC, and currently lives in San Francisco. Over the last 10+ years in the corporate and nonprofit sectors, Christine has worn many hats—team member, manager, volunteer, board member, grantee, funder. These identities and experiences (and many more) have shaped her collaborative, asset-based, and feedback-driven approach to supporting individuals and organizations.

Prior to starting her independent practice, Christine was an associate director for a philanthropic programs focused on leadership and organizational development for nonprofit grantees. In addition to client work, Christine is a licensed Awaken delivery partner, providing modern and experiential diversity and inclusion trainings. She also chairs the board of the Asian Women's Shelter, a multilingual, multi-ethnic organization working to eliminate domestic violence by promoting the social, economic and political self-determination of women. Christine holds a B.S. from New York University and is a certified coach through Leadership that Works.

Shannon Wheatley (he/him)

Shannon Wheatley, founder of Lane 9, supports leaders, teams, and organizations working towards multi-generational change. Wheatley has over a decade of experience leading schools, school systems, and nonprofits. He’s passionate about facilitating experiences that enable leaders to reimagine the future while developing the hard and soft skills needed to lead transformational change. He lives in Sacramento and enjoys cooking, Jazz, coaching youth sports, and spending time with his family.

Sharifa Edwards (she/her)

Terrill Thompson works with coaching clients at the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual levels to overcome blocks to reaching individual and collective aspirations. Goals range widely from owning individual and collective power, to equitable leadership, to compassionate boundary setting. Terrill supports leaders to develop their emotional and cultural intelligence, which is key to their ability to promote vibrant, resilient, and sustainable lives inside and outside of work. Terrill lives in community on a permaculture farm and brings their life experience as a white trans nonbinary person and a member of a multiracial family to their commitment to build a more equitable world. Terrill holds a Masters degree in organization development from American University, a coaching certificate from Teleos Leadership Institute, and is trained in Parts Work – a coaching approach that promotes sustainable behavior changes through inner healing.

Sharifa Edwards, founder of Persist Education Group, is passionate about coaching and developing leaders to think, believe, and act differently so that those they serve will be empowered to do the same. With over 15 years of experience leading, coaching, and driving transformation in schools, organizations, and non-profits, she deeply believes that transformation is not only aspirational but actionable and attainable through the persistent examination of self, systems, and impact combined with the development of the skills and tenacity to boldly act. 

Terril Thompson (they/he)

Deena Goodman (she/her)

Deena combines her background in Public Relations, Acting, and Clinical Social Work to help companies build strong, impactful leaders. Through values-driven coaching and formal trainings, she helps her clients electrify their executive presence, establish and achieve professional growth goals and enhance their communication style in order to achieve lasting impact.

Deena has extensive experience and knowledge in the fields of women’s leadership development, executive presence, influencing without authority, and assessment. Deena has worked with executives in the world of Real Estate, Finance, Media, Biotech and Pharmaceuticals. Clients include executives at PGIM Real Estate, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, Sanofi Pharmaceuticals, Buzzfeed, CNN and Mt. Sinai Hospital. 

A member of the International Coaching Federation and the National Association of Social Workers, Deena received her BFA from the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, her Masters in Social Work from New York University and her Coaching Certification from The Coaches Training Institute. Deena is also certified in the Hogan Assessment

Benjamin Canyon (he/him)

Bio coming soon!