Leadership is not just for the office.

Join us for a 6 session live virtual retreat for stressed out, busy partners who want to deepen their connection by learning how to communicate with more courage, vulnerability and joy.

to your partnership




Let's get honest for a minute...

You're busy, stressed & scheduled & sometimes find yourself snapping at your partner when you're really craving connection.

you love your partner and...

You're exhausted at the end of the day and want support but your requests aren't getting you what you need.

Your partner deals with things in ways that you don't understand and you find yourself judging them and taking over rather than enjoying your differences.


I'm a certified coach, master facilitator, leadership and communication expert, and licensed social worker.

I've spent the last decade supporting hundreds of people and teams in creating relationships that are full of productive conflict, radical candor, generative connection and profound joy.​

For the first time, I'm making these tools accessible to all. I can't wait to give you the keys to your happier future.

Hi, I'm Molly - your guide.

After the Tending to Your Partnership Retreat, you will...

Spend more time laughing together and less time living parallel lives

Communicate seamlessly with a new shorthand language to understand each other’s tendencies and style

Have the skill to ask each other more honest questions and get to the heart of what really matters

Have upgraded from operating under the golden rule (treat others how you want to be treated), to operating under the platinum rule (treat others how they want to be treated)

Know your partner's triggers and how to support them when it matters most

She is a master at helping you get to the root of what holds you back from being your best self while helping you see and acknowledge your gifts and talents. She takes nothing for granted and holds you accountable to yourself.

“Coaching with Molly is an experience in rediscovering your true self."

Crystal Cotton, Director of People & Culture, NYC
Andrea Lynch, Principal AE Lynch Consulting, PA

Molly has an extraordinary capacity to get to the heart of the matter in very little time and very few words, and as a result, each moment I spend with her as a coach deepens my practice, illuminates new truths, and equips me with the tools to move forward with greater confidence, clarity, and purpose.”

Elaine Roghanian, Project Manager, NYC

It's clear that Molly has also stepped into the transformational work of holding a mirror up to herself and not looking away, and it's this shared experience that makes working with her so honest, real, and different from other coaches and facilitators.

"Working with Molly has changed my life. She is empathetic, knowing and present, and I trust her to hold me in my vulnerability and call me on my bullshit. "

How it works

Here's how we'll spend our time:

Next Cohort Dates Coming Soon!

Life & Relationship Inventory

 Interpersonal Leadership Styles
Stress Patterns & Behaviors

The Art of Curiosity

Productive Conflict

Rituals & Agreements

week 1

week 2

week 3

week 4

week 5

week 6

The investment for a happier future: 


We won't leave you hanging after the retreat

You'll go home with 2 bonus resources

 A step by step quick reference guide to support you when conflict happens (because conflict will happen - it's normal!).

The Productive Conflict Cheat Sheet

A curated card deck filled with questions that will support you in having real, honest, courageous conversations about the things that matter.



The Discovery Deck

It's time to have more fun, tell more truths, and build more trust. 


Is this for me/us?

  • On very rocky footing
  • Something that you are not sure you want to continue investing in
 This is probably not the right program for you.

If your partnership is something that…
  • You are invested in nurturing
  • You want to grow
  • Makes you curious to learn more about yourself and each other
 YES, this is for you.

If your partnership is...

Is this for me/us?

Will this be in person or virtual?

All sessions will be held live virtually on Wednesdays from 6:30 - 8:30pm, ET. All sessions will be recorded and shared. The first cohort will begin on September 28 and run for 6 weeks until November 2nd, 2022.

Will I have to share details about my relationship with other people/participants? 

Have to? Definitely not. Creating a space for you to share and engage privately with your partner is our priority throughout the sessions. However, for those interested in sharing with other participants, there will be opportunities to do that too.

Will we have to do anything to prepare for the first session?

There is no pre-work for this program, but we do encourage you to prepare to show up with an open-mind, ready to engage in thought-provoking and creative conversations.

Will there be an opportunity for additional support after the program?

Yes, you will have an opportunity to engage in short-term coaching with Molly. Additionally, Molly will provide a referral list for additional longer-term resources if you find that you want additional support.